The best online games 2011-13

There’re many games out there, but only five make their way to the upper ranks. Here are the TOP5 Online Games of 2012 and 2013:

5. World of Warcraft:Mists of Pandaria (2012)
Well, even if you don’t like it you HAVE to mention it. With over 8 Million active accounts World of Warcraft breaks records. ‘Mist of Pandaria’ ist the 4th Addon for the MMORPG grandfather and comes along with one additional playable race (Pandaren) , a new continent (Pandaria).

World of WarCraft: Mists of Pandaria

World of WarCraft: Mists of Pandaria

4. Drakensang Online (2011)
Always new Quests, new creatures, villains and heroes and locations are seen in the online version of the Drakensang. This is one of the best RPG Games.

Drakensang online MMORPG

Drakensang Online

3. The Elder Scrolls Online (2013)
3 races, 3 classes and about 1000 years before the Skyrim civil war. This is the setting of TESO. The player awaits a huge open-world, with open PVP areas, thousands of quests and a background story for hours of playing.

2. Eve Online and DUST 514 (2013)

Orbital bombardment in Dust 514

Orbital bombardment in Dust 514

One universe – one war. After ten years of being one of the lesser mentioned Online games, EVE Online fight it’s way to the top. With DUST 514 comes a FPS Shooter, which can be played online via PS3 and, with support from the sky, also in combination with EVE Online players. The combination EVE Online and DUST 514 won different innovation awards.

1. DayZ – Standalone Version (2013)



Imagine a world with no hope and only one goal: survival.
Really everyone is waiting for this game, which release is announced for 2013. Currently published as Mod for Arma2 DayZ is one of the most successful game modifications ever and it’s all about what we most like: Zombies!

Which online games to start with?

Are you bored? Is winter too long? Nothing to do at home, you have an older sister, who always hangs out with his friends? NO PROBLEM

We have a lot of ideas what to do. Imagine you are on a farm, planting grain, corn, feeding animals, driving tractor. You can milk the cow every day early in the morning. Fantastic, isn’t it? All these great activities await you when you play with Farmerama! While playing online farm games like this you can also get the skills how to buy and sell your products so that you can earn enough money.

Farmerama band

If you are not interested in living on a farm and you like “Sci-Fi” just start to play with some of the space games like Darkorbit. You’ll have your own spaceship. Don’t forget you won’t be happy forever, cause there are a lot of strangers who want to destroy you and your whole team. Just show them you are the stronger guy!

All of these online games prove you a long term entertainment like the mmo games. You will always play with/against real players who want to be the best all the time. No more winning the computer, no more pointless sitting in front of the computer, thats real challange!